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One of the biggest player to design and produce any kind of dissipation and cooling system for electronic.

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Company Profile

Our principal activities include study, design, development of aluminium cooling profiles up to the final realization of finished products. Innovative and flexible, we are committed to provide customized solutions for each application.

For more than 40 years, we have been continuously developing new concepts and our product range comprises over 1,000 extruded aluminium profiles and more than 20,000 finished products.


Our dissipation and cooling systems can fulfil any specifications, for any kind of application, like:

Why Pada Engineering ?

Innovation and flexibility are our plus in the market and establish, since many years, our success in the thermal management.

More than 40 years experience

Since more than 40 years we develope and design new products, new ideas. Currently, we are managing more than 1000 different extrusion shape and about 20.000 finished parts.

Qualified, strong and skilled team

Pada have established his leadership trough the competence and experience of their team, to produce the best possible satisfaction to the Customers.

Custom service and products

Pada Engineering is able to satisfy any request from the market: design, quick prototyping, mass production.

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